Holy crapoly, it’s been a little while!  Sorry for leaving you hanging.  I still love you. AND I HAVE SOME…



Somewhere between Easy Rider and Aladdin Sane.


It’s a rock and roll record.  It sounds good af.  We made it with Travis at Adorea with Gretchen last year.  It’s my first pro studio recording.  I’m really proud.  A lot of you already know the songs.  Now you’ll be able to listen to them anywhere that you like, and share them with your friends.

We’ll be streaming one new track per day for nine days starting on Thursday and going until the album release on the 7th, so keep an eye on our Facebook and bandcamp pages.

Oh yeah, and we’re playing some…

Shows!  Come Party!

July 7, 2017 – Album release!

New Haven, CT // Lyric Hall // Free!

July 14, 2017

New Haven, CT // Cafe Nine // w/ The Manimals // $5 // 21+

Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces 🙂

Love, Christoph





So we have 2 shows coming up before 2016 is gone for good.  Neither is a home game, and it would mean EVER so fucking much if you would come out and meet us on the road!

Also the new album is done.  Deets coming soon.

Also we have new shirts; they are really super dope.  They were designed by Brian at Flesh and Bone Design and then we got them printed up in Bethel at LowBrow.  They are really extra cool and we only got 25 of them.  Pick one up over at bandcamp at our shows!


upcoming shows:


New Haven, CT // Three Sheets // Christoph Solo // Free, 21+, 8pm


Danbury, CT // Billy Bean’s cafe & pub // w/ Ryan Mennett // Free, 21+,  8pm // Facebook


New York City // Hank’s Saloon // w/ The ManimalsBad Citizen,Woodhead // 8pm

See you soon!  Love,



It’s about to get funky.

This Criminal Soul is making moves.  So get on the… Criminal Soul train?  I guess?  Cos it’s about to get funky!  Alright!

This Saturday (6/11) we are playing at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, sharing the green with none other than funk legends George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic!  So.  Stoked.  Hope to see you there!  The local showcase starts at 1:00pm, and we hit the Free Play stage at 2:30pm, after some local acoustic acts and Keepers of the Vibe from Hartford.  Afterwards, we’ll be hanging on and around the green for the George Clinton on the main stage.  It’s all free.  Come party on the New Haven green!  Bring a frisbee or a hackey sack or something!

Then next Friday (6/17) we’ll be in Stratford at Main St. Tavern with our new friends in Mystic Seahorse, and next month we’ve been invited to perform amongst metal perfectos at the Posidemic ‘Ntertainment Anniversary Show at Cherry St. Station in Wallingford!!!

We experience no greater honor than sharing in this beautiful horrible mystery we call life and no greater indulgence than the magical journey of making music with all of you.  I hope to see you soon.

In love and rock,


Upcoming Shows


New Haven, CT // New Haven Green // International Festival of Arts & Ideas w/ George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic, Keepers of the Vibe // Free, all ages, 1pm // Facebook


Stratford, CT // Main St. Tavern // w/ Mystic SeahorseEl Silver Cabs, Last Minet // Free, 21+,  8pm // Facebook


Wallingford, CT // Cherry St. Station // PNAS! (Posidemic ‘Ntertainment Anniversary Show!) // w/ Fear The MassesInsano Vision // $10 , 21+,  2pm // Facebook: 7/16 7/17


Review for 65 Corvette!

As we enter our third day in the studio making the new record for all your lovely little ears(!), I wanted to share this with you:  Last night I got sent a link to Alternative Control’s review of 65 Corvette from the session we did this last summer! Check it out and listen to the stream!

We also did a little interview with them a few weeks back 🙂


Today, We Rock.

This Criminal Soul is going into the studio at Adorea in Hamden for the next nine days.  Keep up with our shenanigans on TUBEtube, facespaceplacetwytter, and/or/please instaglorm!

The new album will be out this summer.  I’m sure you’ll hear about it since we are world famous international stars of rock. (jk you’ll have to use the internet)

Tiny Desk!

At the beginning of the month, NPR Tiny Desk Concerts had an open call for submissions.  We performed 65 Corvette at my old house.  My friend Colt came and helped us out with video recording and editing, while Sean Rainey of New Haven piano-fame recorded the live performance audio.  Other denizens watched, and we had a blast.

check it out!


We are anticipating a triumphant return to the stage with a smattering of shows following our foray into the studio.  They will surely excite, titillate, and mesmerize.  See you there!

2/27 @ Main St. Tavern (Stratford, CT)

3/3 @ Cafe nine (New Haven)

3/11 @ Three Sheets (New Haven)


Okay, I’m off to live the dream!





Auld Lang Syne

Happy new year, you heathens.  New Year, New You.  New bassist.  Fuck yeah.  Her name’s Gretchen; she looks like this:


Badass.  I know.

We played an awesome show last night at cafe nine with Jeremy Zombii & The 34’s.  Thanks to the magical staff there and all of you for coming out to party with us!  #Clubgoinuponatuesday.

In case you missed it:

rocksoul yas

Jeremy Zombii


The 34’s

the 34s

Rock&Roll, baby.

Keep your eyes on & your inbox for more shows coming up!

Hoping to hit the studio in February to lay down the new record.  See y’all out there!  & til then, stay classy, motherfuckers.



Love, Christoph & This Criminal Soul



Save The Space

When I started playing music, really giving it a serious go as a solo artist, The Space was the first place that allowed me to perform.  I played The Devil Plays Poker in its entirety, solo acoustic on a weeknight.  I had no history of playing solo shows, just an extravagant theatrical dream, a lot of songs, and a Fender acoustic guitar.  I had just finished writing The Rain I/II/III, So I asked if I could play there, and they said yes.  They took on the risk of allowing my less-than-eloquent self to create whatever I wanted on their stage.  And it was beautiful.  …I mean it was awkward too.  Halfway through ‘The Rules’ (Or was it The Nightmare?)  my guitar strap broke and my face turned red, I swore a bunch into the microphone at the gaggle of friends in front of me and then I asked for a chair.  And then everyone cheered.  I got back to it and the show was fine.  I mean it was also a struggle.  I was playing mostly power chords on an acoustic guitar, explaining the missing action/casting to the audience between songs, as I sang all 5 parts and strained the absolute hell out of my voice.  But that’s the point, right?  They give you a place to do your craft, and you do. your fucking. craft.  So I did.

Years later, The Devil Plays Poker was not just me and a guitar, but 4 singers, a rock band, two theatrical technicians, a bunch of giant banners, and a strobe light.  It was time to return to The Space and show them what their embarrassed local college student with an acoustic guitar had grown into: The Actual Devil.  (I mean a guy with an electric guitar playing The Devil in his own rock opera…  Potato, potato.)  But the show was awesome.  Again, they took the risk of allowing me to do whatever I wanted – In this case, putting on a play on a rock show stage.  We booked an afterparty next door at the Outer Space, and they again trusted me to put whoever I wanted on the stage.  I cannot thank them enough for these years and years of support.

Let it be known:  without The Space, and Steve Rodgers (the owner), I would not be where I am today.  Making music with an awesome band, continuing to write & record songs, and playing the sweet, sweet Rock & Roll for all you lovely people.

And now is our chance to give back.

This Criminal Soul will be playing at the Save The Space fundraiser (At The Outer Space Ballroom) next Thursday, 8/27 (Facebook).  So come out and show your support for this awesome venue & wonderful staff, see some amazing original & local music, and throw some cash in the hat, that Christoph Whitbecks for years to come may have a place that loves them, even if their shit breaks onstage.

If you CAN’T make it to the show, consider supporting The Space by contributing to their GoFundMe page, here.

I love you all.  See you Thursday!



65 Corvette Out Now!

You can now stream & download our first single, ’65 Corvette, via bandcamp!  Check it out!




65 Corvette

Our first release under current staff & moniker, ’65 Corvette, will be released this Friday!  We’ll be celebrating the occasion by performing for you all at Stella Blues in New Haven!  Come party with us!

And in the meantime, you can pre-order the song now!

I love you all.  Stay beautiful.




Hey y’all.

It’s been a little while since I dropped you a line.  I hope you are being excellent to one another, and partying on.  We have lots of exciting things coming up, but first I needed to clear out a back log of announcements.  So, here goes:


FRIDAY 7/24 (Tomorrow!) – Christoph will be playing an (ever-less-frequent) acoustic solo show!  Some tunes from his solo record, you, as well as some new & old favorites.  The Acoustic Android Rebellion takes place in Bethel at Molten Java at 8pm.  Free, All ages.

FRIDAY 7/31 – This Criminal Soul is joined by Lewd Buddha at Stella Blues in New Haven!  Derek Currier, Sax man extraordinaire, laid down the jams for you all on The Deal and Breaking Dawn.  His band is amazing; these guys kill it.  They’ve also challenged me to a saxophone duel.  Don’t miss it!  $5 at the door.  21+

SATURDAY 8/1 – This Criminal Soul is proud to be a part of Posidemic Ntertainment‘s annual metalfest F*CK THE VIBES, at Sully’s pub in Hartford!  We have hard copy tickets for sale, just reply back here! (I’ll even deliver them if you like!)  $5, 21+

II. Introducing!

IMG_1250 & IMG_1251

These two rascals joined the band in April to do the Devil Plays Poker at Cafe Nine (WHICH WAS RAD) and decided to stick around a try some new tunes.  It’s been going fabulous.  Show ’em some love next time you see us out at a show!  These pics were snapped at a house party we played in New Haven.  RIP Polaroid.  I love you still and always will.

III. New Website!

Check it out!

IV. New Tunes Coming Soon!

We hit the studio with Tommy Doomsday last month at Bethany Underground to cut some fresh tracks for you all.  They sound pretty friggin dope.  ’65 Corvette & Ride or Die will come out within the next month.  Watch your inbox for formal announcements.


I love you all.  Stay gold, ponies.

❤  ~Christoph