Christoph Whitbeck (Brooklyn, NY)

Lyrical, Theatrical Rock and Roll.  Expect an explosively energetic, commanding performance.


Moving to New York from New Haven in 2021, Christoph Whitbeck brings a wealth of experience in the independent musical and theatrical underground to new stages and a bigger scene.  

Band Members

  • Christoph Whitbeck Guitarist, Vocalist



Live @ Cafe Nine, New Haven, 3/29/2018:


“This record is the most unapologetic flaming heart on a scuffed leather sleeve I have heard in years[…] Love, fury, and 30th-century gynoids on motorcycles. I can’t wait to hear what these mutants do next.” – Thom Guthrie


“Gritty, raw, pure energy – This Criminal Soul’s latest single “65 Corvette” gives you all you could want out of a rock n’ roll band. […] “65 Corvette” is worth the listen – and if you like the recording, the song is even more of a force live. With a new album in the works from the band, I can’t wait to hear what else This Criminal Soul can put out and how this will serve as a stepping stone for their sound. 4/5”  – Alternative Control


“…excitement, energy, talent, enthusiasm, and heart-on-its-sleeve passion…”

“Mr. Whitbeck makes a stellar Devil … with his sly smile and glinting eyes, […] Whether he’s doing a sultry talk-sing verse, or full out belting a chorus in an untrained but pleasant voice, he has the ability to put an audience under his spell.” – Tristan Robin Blakeman


Christoph Whitbeck / 203-400-8912 / Christoph.Whitbeck@gmail.com


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